Sunday, December 13, 2009

vintage christmas monday!

Yay - another vintage christmas monday! I found this little paper house last weekend at an estate sale and now it's settled into a grove of vintage bottle brush trees. I thinks it's just delightful! Be sure to check out all of the other fantastic blogs participating in vintage christmas monday by visiting Anything goes here. Thanks to Joan for hosting such a great party!

Vintage plastic santa's picked up here & there and proudly displayed each christmas. Some were originally used as candy containers others were just for display. The two in the back plug in and make festive night lights!

I found these two vintage stockings several years ago at an estate sale and I've loved them ever since. They're made out of felt and they have the cutest snowman scene! I always wonder why they were never used?

This little wooden branch christmas tree is the newest addition to my holiday decor. I decorated it with vintage spun cotton birds that have sparkly rhinestone accents. I also made the garland out of old mother-of-pearl and bakelite buttons. The garland took forever to make but I love the way it turned out!


  1. I love all of your vintage Christmas items but the vintage stockings are my favorite...they are fabulous! I also love the vignette in the last picture.

  2. I remember stockings like this and the little house nestled in among the trees looks like a winter wonderland. I love your wooden tree setting too. I'd love to see that garland up close, it sure looks pretty.

  3. First time I have visited your blog, its very nice, love your vintage collections. Your plastic santa collection is fun and your christmas stocking gave me the urge to go get my old one out.
    Isnt it amazing how some of these survive!

  4. Wonderful treasures... love your little Putz house and your plastic santa candy containers are adorable! Bisous... Julie Marie

  5. Great collections - How fun to find someone else who loves plastic santas like I do. All the best, Lori

  6. i love all of your vintage treasures, and the simplicity of display:) and i really like your blog header, too...


  7. Cute and sweet treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us. xo Joan. your hostess

  8. You've shown a couple of things from my must-have list! I MUST have some of those plastic Santas, and I really MUST have at least one of those great stockings! Everything is just wonderful, and I like your little garland that you made too!
    Happy VCM!
    P.S. Would you consider adding a Follower gadget to your sidebar, so I don't miss a single post? Pleeease?!

  9. Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments! Happy Holidays!!!

    P.S. Carol - I will try and figure out how to add the follower gadget!

  10. I am late checking out everyone else's things but I wanted to let you know you have some great things. Love the stockings and all you

  11. I love your blog, its full of eye candy. Those felt stockings are adorable and in such great shape. Merry Christmas...