Friday, October 23, 2009

a few vacation photos ...

7 days + 1 new camera + ca highway 1 = happy x 10

The view from my room at the Mark Hopkins on Nob Hill - San Francisco
Monterey - an old friend - rediscovered

The magic of red scale film + a tiny plastic camera + the California coast

Boats in the marina and a classic car on Cannery Row - Monterey

Shopping on Union Square - San Francisco

Sunday, October 18, 2009

happy halloween!

WHOO HOO ... I've finally finished decorating for HALLOWEEN & thought I'd share a few photos!

Surely my great GREAT grandmother is THRILLED by the giant spider about to ATTACK her.

I LOVE this chalk board... AND I made it all by myself!

This TWINE and PAPERCLIP garland is a GREAT way to display VINTAGE PHOTOS. People posing on PAPER MOONS are my favorite! I found the tarnished SILVER candelabra at the ROSE BOWL last weekend - what a steal for $5.00

I went a little CRAZY with the centerpiece. FAUX pheasant feathers & GLITTERY black flowers!

More PHOTOS in fancy VINTAGE metal frames. I gleaned the SKELETON drawing from an OLD medical journal - now he's ready to greet VISITORS!