Monday, April 27, 2009


Thanks so much for stopping by! Here you will find shop announcements, sneak peeks of new items, as well as favorite finds, crazy ramblings, and general randomness. This is my official leap into the world of blogging and all things blog related. So far ... so good. And now for a little background. Several years ago I was on a family road trip driving through the back roads of Louisiana when we stopped at a tiny old antique store on the side of the road. I very clearly remember opening the creaking, paint chipped, door and stepping into a musty jam packed wonderland of treasures just waiting to be found. It was the kind of store that gives you goosebumps and the kind of store these road trips had come to revolve around. But it was also the kind of store that was all too quickly becoming extinct.

Tucked high up on a shelf and covered in a thick layer of dust was a hand painted tin sign that read "Roberta Grove." The elderly lady running the shop was happy to tell the story of the sign, how it used to sit at the edge of town, and how Roberta Grove had been a subdivision of homes. To make a long story shorter ... I bought the sign, drove it back to California, and it has hung in my home ever since. It is a constant reminder the things I love most, the journey, the new people along the way, old things, and of course - my family. And so ... roberta grove vintage was born. I hope you enjoy and visit often!

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